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“Farming Salmon is Stealing Food from Poor People & Our Oceans”
Publisert: 12.06.2012

Stavanger, Norway – Today (12th June)  the Green Warriors of Norway will deliver the message that “Farming Salmon is Stealing Food from Poor People!” to Kofi Annan before his keynote speech - “How can aquaculture contribute feeding 9 billion within 2050?” – at the World Business Conference on Aquaculture (Aquavision 2012) in Stavanger, Norway.
 “We welcome Kofi Annan to Norway,” said Kurt Oddekalv, leader of the Green Warriors of Norway. “However, promoting salmon aquaculture as a solution to the world food crisis is socially and environmentally irresponsible. Farming salmon is stealing precious protein from the mouths of hungry people in Africa and South America. Salmon farmers are modern day pirates of the seven seas.”

 “Salmon farming is a case of robbing Pedro to pay Paul,” said Dr. Juan Carlos Cardenas of Ecoceanos in Chile. “Salmon farms are producing a luxury product for export to rich people in Japan and the United States not feeding the poor here in South America.The true cost of the cheap farmed salmon is being paid with the blood of our people and the health of our oceans."

 “Far from feeding the world, salmon aquaculture is draining our oceans of wild fish,” said Don Staniford of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture. “Farming carnivores such as salmon and cod represents a net loss of protein and is inherently unsustainable. Salmon aquaculture should carry a global health warning rather than being presented as a panacea for the world food problem.”   


Aquavision is organized by the multinational feed company

Nutreco and their subsidiary Skretting.   According to the conference program: “With the global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, many questions about food security remain unanswered. To meet the future demand of seafood, the aquaculture industry needs a sustainable future growth plan.”

Kofi Annan

is a former Secretary-General of the UN and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The Kofi Annan Foundation supports Mr. Annan in applying his experience and leadership. Intrafish reported (6 June) that Mr. Annan has refused to be photographed or be interviewed by the press during his visit to Norway. 


also reported (8 June) on the “Strange demand from Kofi Annan”:

 “It is very strange that the former general secretary of the United Nations Kofi Annan will neither let the media take photos of him or interview him at the AquaVision conference,” said Per Edgar Kokkvold, general secretary of Norsk Presseforbund, a Norwegian press association.

“Annan is still a public figure with the role he has in Syria. It is highly unusual that [such a public person] wishes to be shielded,” Kokkvold said. “The topic he will address at AquaVision is also completely uncontroversial, so it is as said a strange attitude towards the press.”  


also enclosed the following photograph of Mr. Annan taking photos of the press at the World Summit for Environment and Development in Johannesburg in South Africa in 2002.

Mr. Annan’s representatives at the Kofi Annan Foundation have also refused a request by the Green Warriors of Norway for a meeting. Read a letter sent to Kofi Annan by the Green Warriors of Norway in advance of his presentation – available
online here

The letter includes:

“Put simply, we should be eating forage fish directly to feed the malnourished around the world rather than feeding forage fish to salmon farms to produce a ‘luxury’ product to feed the engorged in Europe, the United States and Japan. If you are serious about sustainability then you should cut out the middle-man and stop the flow of forage fish to the salmon farming industry.”

“It is clear that the

conference organizers and sponsor – the feed companies Nutreco and Skretting – have a vested interest in presenting salmon aquaculture as ‘sustainable’ as well as socially and environmentally acceptable. However, you would be doing the hungry people of the world a serious injustice if you presented salmon farming as anything other than what Dr. Daniel Pauly calls “a giant Ponzi scheme” which is robbing our oceans of fish to feed the rich.”

Read the letter in full

online here.

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