Publisert: 07.03.2012

The norwegian General Auditors analysis of the fish farm industry directs massive critics to the public administration. This analysis makes the Green Warriors report about the environmental impact from fish farming not easy to hide from. Norwegian Government have hereby, officially knowledge to decide what´s best for the fantastic marine life and stunning fjords of Norway: Closed Containment Systems!
Green Warriors report on the environmental impact of the fish farming industry, was delivered the government and the public administration summer 2010. Since then, the industry has tried to make it go away. The State Auditor General of Norway analysis of the fish farming industry, shows that pollution, deceases, escaped fish and salmon lice is a serious threat to marine life. Norwegian politicians now have to act. Sadly, the Norwegian minister of the coast and fisheries owns multiple fish farms. Therefore, we kindly ask you to spread the words, and don´t eat farmed salmon!

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