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Our eco-hotel Seletun and our restaurant Luden are the most eco-friendly establishments in Europe within their field. Therefore our food and menu is of high standard, using only organic ingredients and local food. The menu will give you a taste of traditional, Norwegian cuisine, and at the same time inspire you to create your own environmentally-friendly meals.

Day 1

Main dish: Lamb pot/ Fårikål
Fårikål is originally a dish from the Western part of Norway, but is now enjoyed in all parts of the country. Fårikål is a traditional Norwegian dish, consisting of pieces of mutton with bone, cabbage and whole black pepper, cooked for several hours in a casserole, traditionally served with potatoes boiled in their jackets.
Dessert: Currant/ Rips
Sour berries served with sugar and cream. Brings back those childhood memories

Day 2

Main Dish: Fried Mackerel/ Stekt Makrell

Mackerel are a symbol of summer. These tasty and healthy fishes are turned in wheat and salt before fried crispy. Served with mashed potatoes and seasonable vegetables.

Dessert: Raspberry/ Bringebær

As we don’t have too much sun in Norway in the summer and also quite cold nights, the berries will use long time to mature. This gives us berries which is sweeter and richer in taste. The dish comes in form as a jello topped with vanilla sauce.

Day 3
Main Dish: Cod/ Torsk
A typical Norwegian Course. Steamed Cod served with boiled potatoes, carrots and bacon butter.
Dessert: Prunesoup/ Sviskesuppe
Bitter and sweet, tasty and neat. With milk from the cow and sugar from above. Welcome to the Norwegian farmers table.
Day 4
Main dish: Ground Dear Beef/ Hjortekarbonader
Dear shot and carved by Kurt Willy Oddekalv. Cooked by our excellent kitchen. Served with mushroom sauce and almond potatoes. Vegetables seasonable.
Dessert: Cloudberry cream/ Multekrem
This is exactly what it sounds like; Delicious !!!

Day 5
Main dish: Potato Dumplings/ Raspeballer
Also known in some areas as klubb, kumle, komle or kompe, is a traditional Norwegian dish. It consists of grated potatoes, where typically half is pre-cooked and half is raw, salt and varying kinds of flour. There are a great variety of regional variations to the dish, and our raspeball is filled with bits of salted lamb.
Dessert: Rhubarb Porridge/ Rabarbragrøt
Oh boy, how we love that sour taste here in Norway. Of course we need sugar and milk for this to be complete. Served hot!

Day 6

Main Dish: Fish Soup alà Bergen/ Bergens Fiskesuppe
Once upon a time we were one of the main harbour for the trading industry in North of Europe. One of our main exporting products were fish. And that’s why we make the best fish soup in the world.
Dessert: Sour Cream Porrigde/ Rømmegrøt
This creamy hot delight served with butter, sugar and cinnamon, is usually served on our constitution day. On the side you get pretzel and cured meat.

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