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The Green Warriors (GW) have tirelessly been fighting - always been up front and often on their own - for the last 29 years, for the environment and for the wildlife. Kurt Oddekalv built his own environmental group and has established Green Warriors of Norway, for almost twenty years ago. GW engages in active political influence, public education and information, fieldwork and direct actions.

Kurt Oddekalv is a one-of-a-kind environmental warrior with a strong integrity; he is uncompromising and fiercely honest. These are irreplaceable virtues in a time where money usually governs all. The organisation’s driving force is a deeply rooted love of nature, the deep-ecological idea and a consistent respect for all life. We talk in a way that people can understand, and our slogan and life motto is: He who dares, wins!

The organisation is democratic and is built from the roots and up, with fractions working both locally and centrally. Our local groups fight against a specific issue or industry, with the assistance of our central office which brings the fight to a national level. This combination has proved itself to be very powerful.

Our aim is to show that environmental protection does not have to be difficult. Anyone can take up the fight and get heard, and we can show you how to do it. And this organisation is daring. We have sided with nature in any fight, even taking on priests, bishops and, indeed, the pope himself. We have fought the world’s greatest polluters such as the oil and gas industry to international top politicians.

GW has confronted the Norwegian Church and challenged the clergy to ask nature to forgive mankind’s betrayal of it. We have put overcrowding and contraception into a climatic context.

The Green Warriors have challenged Norway’s “flagship” Statoil in a manner that has led to the name ‘Kurt Oddekalv’ appearing in many a Board meeting. He has also inflicted many severe blows to Statoil, especially by opposing against Mongstad but also directly by applying them large fines for direct pollution.

The Green Warriors have reported Kjell Magne Bondevik – Norwegian Prime Minister at the time – to the Norwegian National Authority for the Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime on account of ivory smuggling. This in turn led to a particular paragraph in CITES concerning heads of state, gifts and endangered species.

Also, in the event of two UN Climate Change Conferences, GW has confronted and criticized two candidates for the American Presidency; George H. W. Bush at first, and then his son George W. Bush. Both times, these actions were press covered by CNN and it aroused considerable international interest.

GW has fought the mighty Walt Disney concern because it dispersed children’s toys containing PVCs and phthalates in their Donald Duck comic books.

GW has on several occasions experienced people trying to “buy” us. But instead of selling his case, we have gone public and exposed whoever made the offer. GW has spoken out on every heavy and controversial environmental issue concerning the so-called “environmental nation Norway”. We have repeatedly been the one to warn about dangers. The leader Kurt Oddekalv has been ridiculed, called names and been threatened by strong monetary stakeholders, politicians and established communities.

GW is currently best known both nationally and internationally for having implemented an “environmental war” against Norway’s second largest export industry – the Norwegian aquaculture industry. GW focused on contaminants in the farmed fish, over-exploitation of wild fish to produce fish food, organized animal abuse, sea lice that kill the wild Atlantic salmon strains, and the vast organic pollution of the beautiful Norwegian fjords.

Besides the fight against the aquaculture industry, GW will take on any environmental issues worth fighting for. We have campaigned for biological diversity in nature and the welfare of our predators, such as the wolf. GW has also rescued the eagle "Berit", who crashed into an oil refinery during a storm. After a  long recovery, the proud eagle was released into the wild. We have also campaigned against unnecessary building development that destroys nature and wildlife, and ensured that polluting industries gets caught and fined. GW has also been active during major oil spills along the Norwegian coast. Enclosed is a short list of merits/curriculum vitae:

• Total prohibition against eviction of fish after a police report filed against 3 fishing boats that were dumping mackerel.
• Successfully fighting fish farms and launching campaigns worldwide. We have campaigned in Canada, Scotland, England, China, Russia, Germany, the USA and Chile. Due to our efforts, China has banned import of Norwegian farmed salmon.
• The exportation to Denmark of salmon based fish entrails containing antibiotics was stopped.
• A police report was filed against a prime minister, in office at the time, for attempts of smuggling ivory, and the police confiscated the tusks.
• The use of antibiotics and chemotherapeutics in the aquaculture industry was reduced.
• The use of the herbicide Roundup along Norwegian roads was stopped.
• Limits were reduced for low-frequency radiation from masts and high voltage transformers.
• Combustion plants at all Norwegian plants were closed
• A sulphur treatment plant at the industrial area Mongstad was constructed.
• A national waste plan was established for the construction industry, as well as a waste sorting system at the Norwegian State Railways.
• In 2009, Statoil was imposed a fine of 25 million NOK for oil spills after a police report filed from Kurt Oddekalv.
• In 2008, the Norwegian National Authority for the Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime launched investigations on the basis of police reports filed from Oddekalv, two of these cases are currently in court; the dumping of toxic sediments in the Oslo fjord, and the West Tank accident in Sløvåg.
• Following a police report from Kurt in 2002, Aluscan was imposed a fine of 4 million NOK for committing environmental crimes.
• After a break-in at Norway's largest gas terminal, the Supreme Court came to the conclusion that ordinary laws could not judge Kurt since his work was very useful for society.

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